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Do you want a different, stunning summer experience in Northern Norway?

Rolling application deadline

Are you someone who enjoys contributing, making new acquaintances, and experiencing a Norwegian island paradise in the summer? Then you should keep reading here!! 

Himmelblå Brygge aims to double the population on Ylvingen next summer. After a fulfilling summer season in 2023 with many fantastic volunteers and great memories, we invite you to join the crew.
We aim to create a good working and leisure environment on Ylvingen. Therefore, we're looking for people who want to get to know us at Himmelblå Brygge and our sister company SeilNorge better. If you're interested in working with food and tourism while also getting the opportunity to kayak, dive, learn about northern Norwegian traditions, sail in traditional boats, and experience the longest sunsets, then we recommend you send us an email with some information about yourself and why you'd like to be part of the Himmelblå team!

We want you on our team, and as we experienced this summer, "the more, the merrier" :)

What do we expect from you?
What do YOU want to contribute with?

We try to tailor volunteer work to your desires, interests, and experiences, but intended and possible tasks at Himmelblå Brygge include:

  • Serving food and drinks

  • Opening and closing routines

  • Tourist information

  • Tour guiding

  • Social media marketing

  • Organizing activities on the island for volunteers

  • Arranging festivities in the restaurant

  • Building maintenance

Working as a volunteer isn't for everyone. We're looking for those who are willing to go the extra mile when needed. Some days are busier than others, and it's required that you can work longer hours on some days. Therefore, we look at the total workload throughout the week and ensure you have enough time off on quieter days.


What do you get in return as a volunteer?

If you end up as a Ylvingen resident with us, we can offer you:

  • Food and accomodation

  • Tours on and around Ylvingen

  • Free use of our kayaks, SUP boards, bikes, free diving equipment, sailing dinghies, and traditional Norwegian boats

  • Sailing trip around Vega

  • Networking opportunities within SeilNorge/Himmelblå

  • Training and work references

  • Last but not least:

  • Memories for life!

  • Northern Norwegian experiences!

  • Work experience!

  • Lots of fun!

  • New friends and acquaintances!

 Your stay and you 
The length of your stay may vary, but initially, one to two weeks is a minimum. You arrange in advance with us when you're available for voluntary work.
We're looking for people of all ages, but preferably, you should be at least 18 years old. If you're hardworking and also have a background in or interest in one or more of the following categories, it's a plus:

  • Tourism

  • Northern Norway

  • Hospitality industry (cook/waiter)

  • Guiding

  • Cultivating and planting herbs and vegetables, outdoors and in greenhouses

  • Kayaking

  • Sailing

  • Handy? Carpentry/electrical/plumbing

Send us an email at with information about yourself and why you'd like to be part of the Himmelblå team 2024.
We look forward to hearing from you! :)


Ylvingen and Himmelblå Brygge

Ylvingen is an idyllic island on the beautiful Helgeland coast, with Vega to the west and Brønnøysund to the east. Himmelblå Brygge shares an address with SeilNorge, which organizes some of the most exciting sailing trips in Norway, in winter, spring, summer, and autumn. The interest in tourism on the Helgeland coast is significant and growing, and for good reason.
Himmelblå Brygge has many exciting plans for the summer of 2024 and even more for the years to come. Throughout the summer season of 2024 at Himmelblå Brygge, we'll be serving lots of good food and drinks, offering accommodation, hosting many cool events, daily sailing trips, while also renting out kayaks, offering dock space to seafarers, growing our own herbs, brewing our own beer, arranging tours, and hosting events.
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